Core Beliefs

The Playground Athletes Principles

WE BELIEVE  in the benefits of participation in organized sports. It builds self-esteem, promotes teamwork, develops the body as well as the mind. It is an integral part of the maturing process. Our youth sports programs promote learning and participation first, and competition second.

  • Each athlete has potential! Playground Athletes will help DEVELOP the player to reach his/her potential
  • Each athlete is capable of doing something to positively affect the team; help them to discover what that is
  • Each athlete has a strength; identify and enhance it
  • See what the athlete CAN do and figure out how to utilize that skill rather than focusing upon what they CAN’T do
  • Develop self-efficacy of every athlete
  • Most importantly, make the classes fun so the athletes develop a love and passion for the sport
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Today is the day to get outside and play. Our aim is to foster a safe and inclusive environment for kids of every age. We strictly follow CDC safety guidelines.
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